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Buy a Brand With a Track Record and QUALITY Built-in!

Chicco has been making the finest in infant and toddler products and toys since 1958. Everything they make meets the highest safety standards in Europe and the United States.
In addition to strollers, infant seats, high chairs and travel systems Chicco Baby Products also makes a number of toys to help in the development of your child. They make age appropriate toys for newborns (stimulation), infants, toddlers and preschool age as well.

They also make playards, backpacks, walkers and diaper bags. They also tie many of these items together in collections so that all of your fabrics will match. The KeyFit system of infant carriers is designed to work with several of the strollers – Trevi, S3 and Cortina as well as the travel systems. You can purchase either the Cortina 22 or Cortina 30 which consists of a Cortina stroller and a KeyFit or KeyFit 30 infant seat in matching colors.

The Cortina 30 travel system will accommodate your child all the way through fifty pounds and can be purchased for less than three hundred dollars online ($299.99) a savings of over sixty dollars if you purchased the items separately. All Chicco Baby products have the latest in safety equipment including five point safety harnesses with padded straps, one touch LATCH systems for vehicles, excellent energy absorbing padding in the infant seats, removable inserts for newborns to fit properly, and adjustable canopies and shades on both the infant seats and strollers.

All Chicco products are ergonomically designed with the end user in mind. Ease of use is a feature that describes anything that Chicco makes. If you are looking for a baby gift or are in need of anything related to infant or toddler mobility you should look at Chicco Baby Products for all of your needs. Infant Seats, Strollers and High Chairs at the top of the ratings in the United States come from Chicco.

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Chicco Baby Products – Introduction

The Chicco Baby Product line has come up with incredible merchandise designed for your children exclusively. Moreover, the manufacturing unit is strictly ethical, ensuring that the process does not include extracting labor from minors. This code of conduct is widely appreciated and is followed by its suppliers as well.

Chicco Baby Products are renowned for their top quality products. Its origins are as follows: it was an Italian brand that started way back in 1950. Chicco has always aimed at coming up with products that shall suit all the requirements of a child. It is during this period of growth that a child needs to be taken care of, which in turn means that one needs to use safe products as well. Their products are simple and yet classy.

The bottom line is that Chicco products strive to ensure that it meets the needs of children and aids them during their initial years. Their products are safe and simple to use- by expecting parents as well as by the infant till he/she becomes around three years old. Designing products for such a tender age is indeed a challenging and daunting task. Thus their line includes lovable products such as a musical sofa rocker, interactive and educational toys and more. Here are a few details regarding Chicco baby products:

Chicco high chairs, also called the Chicco Polly high chair is incredibly popular with parents. It is designed in the manner of an Italian traditional high chair and in a smaller scale to suit your child. There is a three way footrest, armrest that are moveable as well as a leg rest. It is advisable to use these high chairs only when your child is above six months of age.

The Chicco car seat is also popularly known as the Chicco Key Fit. This specially designed seat for children can be installed easily in any car. It is a small seat that ensures the safety of your child. It can be used for babies who weigh less than 30 pounds. The best features of this seat are as following: it has liquid leveling indicators, a belt routing space and finally a locking system. This is something that you can use for your rapidly growing baby, ensuring that every car ride is a safe and secure one.

Other products that are equally popular among children and parents are the Chicco Double Stroller, Chicco Play Yard and Chicco Travel System. The stroller is lightweight and can be maneuvered with ease, thus, taking your baby out in the evening shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. The Chicco Travel System includes the car seats specially designed for children and has extra cushioning that provides comfort. Chicco Play Yard is an interactive as well as an educational product that will help your baby recognize different kinds of sounds. It helps in the mental growth of a baby.

Thus, Chicco Baby Products can be relied upon by couples who already have a child or are expecting one. These products are safe and reliable; they not only help children learn new things- they also help parents cope up with the pressures of parenting.

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