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The Best High Chairs Around! Don’t Miss one of the Chicco High Chairs!

Selecting products for your baby can be a tough task. It is important that you pay attention to the safety features of the products you purchase for your baby. Only a few rare brands offer great safety when it comes to baby products. Chicco baby products are perhaps the finest products as far as safety norms are concerned.

When it comes to baby products, high chairs are a basic requirement and this is perhaps the reason why high chairs are sold in high numbers throughout the year. Chicco high chairs are manufactured keeping in mind that babies have a tendency to be mischievous and can fall off or slip off the chairs. Hence these high chairs are so made that babies cannot fall over.

These high chairs are available in various colors and designs. Most of these chairs come with 3 or 4 reclining positions and 5-8 height positions. The tray is made of the finest of materials that is easy to clean and wash. These trays are large enough and offer good space so that you can keep a number of things on them at once.

The seats of these chairs are extremely comfortable. The padded vinyl seats ensure that you baby gets best comfort even if it has to sit for long hours at a stretch. The seat is easy to remove and clean as well. These high chairs are also easy to use for the parents. The tray can be detached easily and the one hand seat adjustment feature makes Chicco high chairs the first choice for parents.
Some chairs come with a folding feature while others do not. Those that can be folded are a little more expensive than the ones that do not fold. The folding feature makes these chairs portable and easy to carry around. Most of the modern high chairs come with a folding feature and are light-weighted.

Chicco high chairs are available at decent prices and can be ordered over the internet. Chicco baby products also come with a one year warranty and you can get them exchanged in case of any problems during their use.

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A Car Seat that Grow With Your Child! Great Prices and Safety!

Chicco Baby Products has been making a high quality car seat for many years. Chicco currently has the number one selling car seat in the United States. Their current car seat line up consists of the KeyFit Infant Car Seat, the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, and the KeyFit Strada Booster. All KeyFit car seats are compatible with Chicco strollers as well.

The Chicco KeyFit Infant car seat is the number one rated car seat in America. It is rated for infants from four to twenty two pounds. Only available in one color combination, it is designed to match any décor. It includes a removable insert for newborns so that you do not have to buy two car seats to accommodate your growing child. The seat is lined with energy absorbing foam for the ultimate in comfort and safety. Incorporating the standard five point restraint system along with a spring assisted level foot, bubble level and a center pull adjustment for leveling. The KeyFit will work with the following Chicco Baby Products strollers – Trevi, S3, Cortina and the CT. 01.

The Chicco KeyFit 30 is designed to accommodate larger children for a longer time. With its removable newborn insert the KeyFit 30 is rated for children between four and thirty pounds. The KeyFit 30 has additional energy absorbing padding that makes the seat comfortable even for kids that reach the maximum seat weight. With all the same features as the number one rated KeyFit, the KeyFit 30 comes in eight color combinations. Both models come with a single pull LATCH system for one hand installation and removal.

Ergonomically designed handles with a comfort grip and a multi position canopy allow for maximum shade and relief from the sun. The KeyFit system with base runs around $169.99 and the KeyFit 30 is $179.99.

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Got Two Kids? A Chicco Double Stroller is PERFECT For You!

When it comes to purchasing something for your baby, you need to make sure that the product is fully safe and provides complete comfort to your baby. Strollers are one of those baby products that are purchased in high numbers throughout the year. While selecting a stroller it is important to check the quality and the brand name attached to it.

Chicco double stroller are one of the finest strollers available in the markets. These strollers come with an extremely light aluminum frame and a one hand fold release. Not only are these strollers stylish but are extremely comfortable. The seat is paddy and is so made that there is no chance your baby can slip out. Most of these strollers come with a fully reclining seat and the fabric used on the cushion is extremely smooth for your baby’s skin.

The safety norms of the Chicco double stroller are high and these strollers feature a canopy with peek-a-boo window in order to protect you baby from sunlight and rain. In addition to this these strollers have suspensions at the front and the back that act as shock absorbers and ensure a smooth ride. The manufacturers also make sure that these strollers ride high on style. The adjustable 5-position leg rest feature makes the stroller look fantastic and ensures great comfort for your baby.

Chicco double stroller can be easily disassembled for cleaning and the material that is made of such that it can be cleaned easily and does not rust after a few washings unlike other strollers available in the markets. The all-terrain wheels allow you to take your baby on a ride where ever you wish.

Chicco double stroller and other Chicco products have been appreciated by a large number of people all over the world and can be easily found in various stores across the country. You can also order these products over the internet and have them delivered in a few working days. Chicco baby products are also famous for the price tags they carry with them. One gets fantastic quality at decent prices and this is perhaps the reason these products disappear from the stores at a healthy pace.

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Buy your Child the Best, Chicco High Chairs!

Chicco is an Italian company that makes a wide range of products for infants and children to help parents with mobility and day to day life with small children like strollers, infant carriers, high chairs and more. Chicco is actually pronounced key-co and was founded in 1958. All Chicco baby products and toys meet ASTM standards and European standards for safety as well. You can be assured that when you purchase a Chicco baby product you are getting a high quality item.

Chicco high chairs have been among the most popular high chairs in the market place for several years. The Chicco Poly High Chair is no exception to that rule. The Poly High Chair comes in fourteen color combinations and folds up flatter than any other high chair in its class. The features that Chicco has included on the Poly High Chair make it easy to maneuver and adjust.

There are seven different height positions and three reclining positions for every imaginable combination to make feeding and clean up a breeze for the child and you. The tray has an easy one hand removal systems and the reclining feature only requires one hand as well. The two cushioned seat pads are phthalate free and are easily removed for cleaning. The footrest is adjustable for growing children and comes with a five point harness for the ultimate in safety. It is rated for children up to thirty seven pounds.

The tray insert is dishwasher safe and Chicco has added locks for all the wheels as an additional safety factor. This model can be purchased online for $139.99. Chicco also makes three hooks on high chairs. Their new 360 model has six positions for the best interaction at meal time. Instead of the usual face the table position the 360 seat can be rotated and locked into place. Chicco is an innovative and family friendly company providing great products for your child as they grow up.

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Buy a Brand With a Track Record and QUALITY Built-in!

Chicco has been making the finest in infant and toddler products and toys since 1958. Everything they make meets the highest safety standards in Europe and the United States.
In addition to strollers, infant seats, high chairs and travel systems Chicco Baby Products also makes a number of toys to help in the development of your child. They make age appropriate toys for newborns (stimulation), infants, toddlers and preschool age as well.

They also make playards, backpacks, walkers and diaper bags. They also tie many of these items together in collections so that all of your fabrics will match. The KeyFit system of infant carriers is designed to work with several of the strollers – Trevi, S3 and Cortina as well as the travel systems. You can purchase either the Cortina 22 or Cortina 30 which consists of a Cortina stroller and a KeyFit or KeyFit 30 infant seat in matching colors.

The Cortina 30 travel system will accommodate your child all the way through fifty pounds and can be purchased for less than three hundred dollars online ($299.99) a savings of over sixty dollars if you purchased the items separately. All Chicco Baby products have the latest in safety equipment including five point safety harnesses with padded straps, one touch LATCH systems for vehicles, excellent energy absorbing padding in the infant seats, removable inserts for newborns to fit properly, and adjustable canopies and shades on both the infant seats and strollers.

All Chicco products are ergonomically designed with the end user in mind. Ease of use is a feature that describes anything that Chicco makes. If you are looking for a baby gift or are in need of anything related to infant or toddler mobility you should look at Chicco Baby Products for all of your needs. Infant Seats, Strollers and High Chairs at the top of the ratings in the United States come from Chicco.

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Chicco Baby Products – Introduction

The Chicco Baby Product line has come up with incredible merchandise designed for your children exclusively. Moreover, the manufacturing unit is strictly ethical, ensuring that the process does not include extracting labor from minors. This code of conduct is widely appreciated and is followed by its suppliers as well.

Chicco Baby Products are renowned for their top quality products. Its origins are as follows: it was an Italian brand that started way back in 1950. Chicco has always aimed at coming up with products that shall suit all the requirements of a child. It is during this period of growth that a child needs to be taken care of, which in turn means that one needs to use safe products as well. Their products are simple and yet classy.

The bottom line is that Chicco products strive to ensure that it meets the needs of children and aids them during their initial years. Their products are safe and simple to use- by expecting parents as well as by the infant till he/she becomes around three years old. Designing products for such a tender age is indeed a challenging and daunting task. Thus their line includes lovable products such as a musical sofa rocker, interactive and educational toys and more. Here are a few details regarding Chicco baby products:

Chicco high chairs, also called the Chicco Polly high chair is incredibly popular with parents. It is designed in the manner of an Italian traditional high chair and in a smaller scale to suit your child. There is a three way footrest, armrest that are moveable as well as a leg rest. It is advisable to use these high chairs only when your child is above six months of age.

The Chicco car seat is also popularly known as the Chicco Key Fit. This specially designed seat for children can be installed easily in any car. It is a small seat that ensures the safety of your child. It can be used for babies who weigh less than 30 pounds. The best features of this seat are as following: it has liquid leveling indicators, a belt routing space and finally a locking system. This is something that you can use for your rapidly growing baby, ensuring that every car ride is a safe and secure one.

Other products that are equally popular among children and parents are the Chicco Double Stroller, Chicco Play Yard and Chicco Travel System. The stroller is lightweight and can be maneuvered with ease, thus, taking your baby out in the evening shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. The Chicco Travel System includes the car seats specially designed for children and has extra cushioning that provides comfort. Chicco Play Yard is an interactive as well as an educational product that will help your baby recognize different kinds of sounds. It helps in the mental growth of a baby.

Thus, Chicco Baby Products can be relied upon by couples who already have a child or are expecting one. These products are safe and reliable; they not only help children learn new things- they also help parents cope up with the pressures of parenting.

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Want to Buy your Baby a Car Seat? Consider Chicco Products!

Car safety wasn’t a big issue thirty years back and many people thought it was okay to let one’s child hold the dashboard or the front seats with firm hands and that the stronger the grip of your child the safer he was! This was the era when seatbelts were hardly used by the driver and safety issues weren’t that strict either. But this changed and today we are more aware of the risks involved while riding a car and what the effects can be if our children aren’t wearing seatbelts. This led to the manufacturing of safe baby seats for cars.

Newborn babies are babies who weigh around or lower than twenty pounds, that is, nine kilos or measure up to twenty six inches or sixty six centimeters. These babies require properly manufactured baby seats for use in cars. This keeps the baby safe since the seat is installed in the direction opposite to the traffic and usually in the back seat. Why the back seat? Since it offers greater protection to the child’s neck and chest and prevent it from injury due to emergency braking or an accident. This contraption should be kept in place in your car till your child is about a year old or can walk or stand all by himself.

Chicco makes products especially for babies and juveniles and are famous for their safety, affordability and top quality and the best of them is the Chicco car seat. Chicco is a multinational retailing company based in Italy which finds a great market for its product in the USA, across Europe and East Asia reaching out to mind boggling thirty three countries worldwide. It was founded in 1958 in Italy and its brand tag was – ‘Best at catering to the needs of babies around the world’. The company aims at producing high quality products which are durable and safe. The Chicco baby products like the infant car seat or the strollers ensure safety first and great comfort. Just search for Chicco car seats and you’ll find how popular it is on Google or Yahoo search engines!

Chicco car seats are tested products that ensure complete comfort and certified safety measures. Are you a discerning parent worried about your child’s safety while you are on your way to work? Italian products from Chicco have a great design and they are stylish, simple to use and very good baby products. Chicco baby products like the car seat are light weight, easy to use and install and every single of them have extra features to add to the comfort and usability. These perks include reversible canopies that help act as a sunshade as well as a wind breaker, liquid levelers and cup holders for you and your baby! Take a look at products both up-coming brand new models as well as Chicco car seats and choose whichever one suits your needs! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy that perfect Chicco baby product!

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Chicco Play Yard- A Great Option for You

First of all, remove that sly smirk from your face, no we aren’t taking about anything that has to do with playboys or playmates. This is something for the innocent little monster presently throwing a tantrum because you aren’t paying it as much attention you should have. Your attention is fixated on the bright glowing monitor of your computer screen, where you are reading this brilliant piece of information which will provide you deliverance from your baby troubles in no time. Did you just read the word baby troubles?? Didn’t I guess the fact, that you were planning to go on a holiday trip but didn’t know how to enjoy yourself without devoting your undivided attention to your kid. Chicco Baby Products  has got just the thing for you.

What is a playpen ? Well it is another alternative for a play yard which basically an enclosed space to allow your child to lay with its toys, jump around, rest when he or she is tired and not run away when it wishes to. It is essentially safe, conveniently located wherever you are lodging, also seeing to it that he is not sinking into a state of loneliness and stupor.

Play yards come in different shapes and sizes and each tailor-made to your specifications. If you do any traveling at all, you know how problematic your child can become at times and to see to it that he has fun while you have fun, is the stuff of which parental dreams are made of. The recent crop of lay yards can be folded u and stored somewhere in the household where you are residing when you don’t require its services. They even have high tech gadgetry like in built music systems, lights, sounds, vibrators, toy storages, and a changing table. Thus your travel and child management issues have been dealt with considerably.

Now what does Chicco Play Yards that it is absolutely essential that you procure one for your child. Go through the flowing chart and you’ll be nodding your head once you are through it-

a)       Easy fold up and storage – Having one that easily folds, and stays that way, helps make travel easier.

b)       Easy to transport – Many models have wheels, which can be very convenient, especially when some models weigh 30 pounds or more.

c)       Canopy –For those who will be heading out to the sea, or would like to refer staying outdoors when on a tour. It protects from the damaging ultraviolet rays and helps keep your baby cooler.

d)       Accessories – Having items like a mobile, lights, music, and other entertainment will help your baby stay entertained and happier.

e)       Easy to clean

f)        Removable mattress is machine washable

g)        Thickly padded changing pad

h)       Changing pad is elevated for ease of use

i)         Detachable fabric toy

j)         Quilted bassinet

k)       Electronics with remote are included featuring music vibration and night light

l)         Nylon cargo bag is included for travel

m)      Designed in Italy 

What more? Chico Play yards are simply the ideal option for every parent to make their little ones’ childhood extra special.

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Why should you Buy Chicco Double Stroller?

Chicco double stroller can almost be considered as a boon for parents who have two infants to take care of. Even if you are expecting twins, one of your first buys should definitely be a double stroller. It makes taking your children to the market or to the park easier! However, as with any child care product, there are a countless number of models available in the market- you have to do your bit of research and choose something that will suit your lifestyle.

Do take the advice of close friends who have benefited from using these double strollers. However, it is imperative that you keep in mind that your lifestyle may differ from that of your friends’ and therefore you might need a different kind of stroller.

This is where you should opt for Chicco baby products! Chicco has introduced a wonderful range of double strollers that parents can use without facing any sort of hassle. Chicco caters to both sorts of consumers- those who are cost effective, and those who do not mind splurging. Only you have bought the double stroller, the only thing that remains to be seen is that you arrange it according to instructions. Setting up these strollers needs your attention; otherwise you could end up harming your child. The latches should be in their proper place and do not overload your stroller. Remember that it is meant to carry a baby’s weight only; overloading it might make it collapse and consequently injuring your baby.

Follow the instructions provided along with any Chicco product that you choose to use. Also remember to ensure that there are no open spaces along the ends of the stroller when you use it in a completely inclined position. Open and close your stroller with care, and keep your children away from it while doing this. They could end up with pinched fingers or cut themselves.

Here are a few details about different types of double strollers that will enable you to make the right choice. There are usually two kinds that are commonly used: you could either put the babies side by side or, in front of the other. If you use the one that places the babies one after the other you can easily weave your way in through doors and queues. However, it might be a bit of a problem to control its movement given its length which might at times prove to be a bit unwieldy. On the other hand, the double stroller that places babies beside each other require more lateral space- but it is easier for you to maneuver.

Choose the perfect stroller for your babies and yourself from the vast range that is offered at Chicco’s! They are lightweight and with good fabric cushioning that will make the journey comfortable for your babies. Some of the designs that you can opt for are the following: C1 Umbrella stroller, Citta Twin Umbrella, C1 Trio Auto-Fix TS – Iceberg Umbrella Stroller, C5 – Alaska Umbrella Stroller, the famous Cortina – Ice Berg Standard Stroller, C5 Twin – Sydney Umbrella Stroller, Cortina – Explorer Standard, Chicco Caddy – Umbrella Stroller, The Chicco London stroller, C6 – Sydney Umbrella, CT 0.5 – Sydney Umbrella, C1 Umbrella, Capri – Umbrella, Fly Stroller Umbrella, Dreamtime C5 Twin Umbrella, Joovy Caboose -Twin Seat Standard, Chicco Velocita Twin, 6WD Tech, LX Umbrella, Chicco 3WD Tech – Wild Standard Stroller Chicco Capri – Umbrella Stroller, Tuscany Double Umbrella, Trekking Standard, Ponee Standard, Deluxe Dou Pram Standard, Magic Standard, Mini Trekking Chicco stroller.

Go ahead and get one of these double strollers for your babies- it is an investment that you won’t regret!

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Baby Feeding Made Easy with Chicco High Chairs

Are you the concerned parent looking for an ergonomically built alliance which will ensure the proper upbringing of your child and also see to that he doesn’t lose out on the fun quotient? This is probably the dream of every loving paren’t who would like to watch their kids grow u to be well developed individuals devoid of any health problems or mental deformities. You are well aware of the fact, that feeding your tiny toddler is a job comparable to any of the thirteen tasks of Hercules. Running after them, just to lunge that spoonful of cereal into their mouth, makes you lose out on the vital time of your getting ready for office or doing other household chores. In the recent age of multi-tasking, having an equipment which reduces your hassle of feeding the child by having him by your table side during meal side, so that you can dine in peace and your child simultaneously enjoys its food, will seem like God send.

If you have been madly praying to God to invent something to make your life a little bit less problematic, he has answered your prayers. From the picturesque country of Italy comes the Chicco range of Baby products, designed to meet your highest demands of cutting edge baby comfort and parent satisfaction. And for every meal time fussy kids, they have brought out this wonderful new gadget called the Chicco High Chairs! But first let us generally discuss, what you as a parent should look for while investing in a chair for your infant glory.

Firstly, it has to be of an adjustable height so that you can use it for tables of different sizes. Secondly, its back and seating portions shouldn’t be stiff or made from an unstretchable material, so that it ends u giving your child a stiff back at the start of his or her life. Preferably it should be a high chair with reclining back rest and head support which will allow the kid to doze off in peace and without you having to worry about its suffering from any mechanical injury. Thirdly, and this is a long term measure, if you are considering using this chair for a long period time, you would want its back support to be adjustable do so as to accommodate the increasing body space of the growing child. Is it too much you are asking for?

NO! Because Chicco High Chairs provide you all these and infact, a lot more! Let us take a quick look at what Chicco has to offer us-

a)      They are adjustable to seven different height positions and 3 seat reclining modes.

b)      A dishwasher safe tray with lift-off insert for easy clean up

c)      One of the slimmest and most compact folds of any high chair in its class

d)      Cushioned vinyl seat pad that wipes clean in seconds

e)      A five-point harness to keep your child securely in place.

f)        There are also brakes on the four swivel wheels to move or keep this chair in lace as and when you need it.

So, ready to buy a Chicco high chair for your little one?

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