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Want to Buy your Baby a Car Seat? Consider Chicco Products!

Car safety wasn’t a big issue thirty years back and many people thought it was okay to let one’s child hold the dashboard or the front seats with firm hands and that the stronger the grip of your child the safer he was! This was the era when seatbelts were hardly used by the driver and safety issues weren’t that strict either. But this changed and today we are more aware of the risks involved while riding a car and what the effects can be if our children aren’t wearing seatbelts. This led to the manufacturing of safe baby seats for cars.

Newborn babies are babies who weigh around or lower than twenty pounds, that is, nine kilos or measure up to twenty six inches or sixty six centimeters. These babies require properly manufactured baby seats for use in cars. This keeps the baby safe since the seat is installed in the direction opposite to the traffic and usually in the back seat. Why the back seat? Since it offers greater protection to the child’s neck and chest and prevent it from injury due to emergency braking or an accident. This contraption should be kept in place in your car till your child is about a year old or can walk or stand all by himself.

Chicco makes products especially for babies and juveniles and are famous for their safety, affordability and top quality and the best of them is the Chicco car seat. Chicco is a multinational retailing company based in Italy which finds a great market for its product in the USA, across Europe and East Asia reaching out to mind boggling thirty three countries worldwide. It was founded in 1958 in Italy and its brand tag was – ‘Best at catering to the needs of babies around the world’. The company aims at producing high quality products which are durable and safe. The Chicco baby products like the infant car seat or the strollers ensure safety first and great comfort. Just search for Chicco car seats and you’ll find how popular it is on Google or Yahoo search engines!

Chicco car seats are tested products that ensure complete comfort and certified safety measures. Are you a discerning parent worried about your child’s safety while you are on your way to work? Italian products from Chicco have a great design and they are stylish, simple to use and very good baby products. Chicco baby products like the car seat are light weight, easy to use and install and every single of them have extra features to add to the comfort and usability. These perks include reversible canopies that help act as a sunshade as well as a wind breaker, liquid levelers and cup holders for you and your baby! Take a look at products both up-coming brand new models as well as Chicco car seats and choose whichever one suits your needs! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy that perfect Chicco baby product!

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